Pick to Light Hardware

Pick to Light systems are paperless, light-directed work support systems that can be used to improve productivity and accuracy at logistic centers and manufacturing plants. The use of a Pick to Light system means all paperwork is eliminated and movements are controlled electronically. Existing information on all the order systems within the company is used, replacing the printed information with electronic data transmission to the warehouse, and the picker is directly notified of the work to be done at each of the shelves where the products are stored.

In a pick-to-light system, the worker is guided visually by lights to the exact warehouse locations where the ordered articles are to be picked. A particular combination of DPDs (Digital Picking Displays) is used, depending on the operating unit designed for each case.

Each location containing a certain type of article or SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), has a DPD associated to it. The most common DPD model includes an illuminated button which guides the worker visually to each location and allows him to confirm the operation, together with a display showing the number of articles required for picking. However, as can be seen from our catalogue, the range of DPDs is very large and extremely varied, ranging from the most basic models to the most complete specialised displays. Auxiliary devices may also be added to optimise the system's usability and integrate control of other elements (signal lights, intelligent signal towers, scales, different interfaces for scanners, printers, etc.)

DPD functionalities can also be adapted to the needs of each particular company and solution type: configurable models with or without digital display, sound, flashing and coloured lights, inventory control via the DPD, notification of stock deviations, replenishment orders, simultaneous picking by several workers, etc. In short, endless operational possibilities for all types of creative solutions.

Although the process itself is almost always very similar, the picking can be structured in numerous different ways depending on the number of product references and the layout of the warehouse. This can mean picking by order, batch picking (several orders at the same time), or picking by aisles or work stations, where it is done sequentially.

Picking normally begins with reading of the bar code on the order case, and this activates the DPDs corresponding to the articles to be picked, which light up showing the amount for picking in each location. The worker confirms picking operations by pressing the DPD confirm button.

Pick-to-light has a variety of applications. Different picking systems have different criteria, basically linked to piece picking or case picking. Pick-to-light is usually associated with applications for a small number of articles and a large amount of picks per article, although its versatility means it can be used in large-sized installations with huge numbers of different products. It is mainly used in product areas with a medium-high turnover, and often combined with Radio Frequency systems in order to cover areas with a lower turnover.

Compared with all other paperless picking solutions, the Pick-to-light system stands out as the quickest and most efficient order picking method.

Benefits of Pick to Light technology:

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